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Bro lands a 26 on the ACT

I am so happy for him. With a score like that he can go a lot of places.

He even exceeded his expectations. So proud

And now that he beat me by a point, he can always hold that over my head!! ‘Bout time he got something to brag about and rub in my face.

Congrats Bro

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Get To Know Me

Snapchat: Trevdoggy24

Twitter: Trevdoogy24

YouTube: Altogeek24

Seriously, Hit Me Up on anything!

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It Really Should Not Be This Hard

 to get a girlfriend.

I can cook for you

I can play music and sing to you

I can do cute little romantic things that seem cheesy but are actually cute in the long run

Seriously, Am I Doing Something Wrong?

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Avenged Sevenfold Concert Tonight!!

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Jack Sparrow (feat. Michael Bolton) by The Lonely Island. I love this video.

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Common Courtesy

A Day to Remember just dropped their new album Common Courtesy, today. And while I liked What Separates Me From You more, I love this album. In all honesty, i can’t say anything else besides the fact that i’m please. 

My Favorite songs off the album:

Sometimes You’re the Hammer, Sometimes You’re the Nail

The Last Chord of Right Back At It Again

Dead & Buried

Best of Me

Violence (Enough is Enough)

End of Me


The Document Speaks for Itself

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